The Top 3 Theatre Schools in London

To make it on the big screen and become an exceptional actor or actress, theatre school is vital. While there are many theatre schools in and around London, we understand that choosing one is not an easy task. Hence, this list will review some of the top theatre schools in London that you should join. Read on.

1. Young Theatre School

Located at the heart of London, the Sylvia Young Theatre School is one of the top theatre schools in the UK and Europe at large. The focus of the learning at this school is on modelling performers who revolutionise the stages that they grace. You can expect you or your loved one to become a top performer once you enrol at this theatre school.

2. Theatre Gym

We all hear the adage that it is never too late to start. Well, if you believe in this and would like to start taking acting classes even at old age, this is the place to be. The Theatre Gym offers acting classes for adults of all ages. This theatre school structures its courses in such a way that they are flexible and thus you can attend them in the evening after work. Alternatively, you can choose a flexible lesson plan that works well with your daily schedule, avoiding distractions, and giving maximum attention to your lessons.

3. Guildhall School Of Music & Drama

The Guildhall School Of Music & Drama is a standout theatre school in London. What sets this theatre school apart when you compare it to its peers are the facilities available at the school. It features a large stage, spacious classes and a large number of rehearsal rooms. The teachers at this school are also some of the best that you can find anywhere in London and the UK at large.