The Joy of Theatre

When you live in a world or society that is very much focused around financial issues, making money, spending time at work, and budgeting for your family, you realise the importance of the arts. With many potential budget cuts often aimed at the arts comes many an uproar about why they are essential.

The Arts and Society

The arts are integrated into our everyday lives, from watching TV, listening to music, enjoying podcasts, to reading books, going to the cinema, and theatre. A life without the arts would be a very sad and grey one.

Community Theatre

This is why community theatre is an important part of society and one that is cherished by the locals. Community theatres are often funded by the government, and many of the staff work on low wages and part-time hours, or even volunteer for free.

The Joy of Theatre

Staff in community theatres may be behind the scenes like producers, directors, stage crew, and set builders, or the front of stage actors themselves. The art that is produced and friendships that are forged are a potent force for these people to become a part of what they love, even if it is for low or no pay.

Other Means of Income

Due to this, many of these workers have other jobs or side gigs to make ends meet and make extra cash. This could be anything from working in a nearby shop, taking online quizzes, working in a casino or even online ones like Riverbelle online casino, dog walking, pet sitting, working in a library, providing cleaning services, or writing ad copy part-time.

The Importance of Community Theatre

Without these people working in community theatres for the love of the job, many towns and villages would miss out on the arts in their lives.