Musical Theatre Jobs Essential for a Production

There is so much that goes into producing an excellent musical show. For you to come up with a good piece, you will need to work with different people to ensure that the piece comes together.

The People You Need

  • Musical Director: These are the people whose job is to generally ensure that there is good coordination between the top management and all the other people who are involved with the show. When everything else is complete, the musical director liaises with the stage manager to bring the show to life.
  • Stage Manager: They have a list of things they are supposed to do, depending on the scope of production. Their primary role is to, however, give support to the actors, directors, and crew during the production process.
  • Producer: The producer at a theatre production always has the responsibility of handling the finances, hiring the creatives, and overseeing that things go according to plan.
  • Costume Designers: As the name suggests, these are the people who are responsible for the costumes that the talent will wear throughout the production. They formulate the design, and in some cases, they also do the tailoring.
  • Choreographer: Their role is to work out how the talent will be moving on stage. Most of them are trained in dance or musicals, so they can quickly establish a rhythm for a musical show.
  • Sound and Lighting Crew: Their job is to make sure that the stage has good sound, both from the talent to the stage, and from the equipment being used. The lighting crew helps with making sure that the stage is adequately lit for the show.
  • Thespians: These are the people who act and bring the show into life. They are often brought on board by the producer or someone who is hired specifically to source for talent.