How to Become a Costume Designer

The difference between an amazing movie and an ordinary movie more often than not, lies in the expertise of the costume designer. Costume designers play an invaluable role in movie production that allows all other crew members to achieve their objective well. In this post, we give you a guide on how you can become an exceptional costume designer.

1. Learn About the Industry

It is important that before you embark on your journey to becoming a costume designer, you take some time to learn about the specifics of the industry. These specifics will include but are not limited to how to get call ups to become a custom designer for a particular production.

2. Master the Basics Before All Else

Before you can think of becoming an expert costume designer for a particular movie genre, it is essential to learn the basics first. The basics in this respect refer to all that will enable you to understand the costume requirements for a particular production and the process of bringing such a design to life.

3. Specialise

Once you master the basics, it is important to know that what sets you apart from other costume designers in the industry is your ability to specialise. Pick a movie or production genre that suits you well and specialise in that one. Watch and rewatch productions in that genre and study what other designers before you did.

4. Learn the Use of Specific Technology

Before you can bring a design to life, it is important to know that you will need to learn how to use certain machinery and technology that will bring your design to life. Take the time to learn the essential skill of tailoring and how to use modern sewing machines. Additionally, 3D printing is slowly taking over the industry, and it, therefore, helps to learn about that as well.