Riverlea Land Update

Pinch yourselves - because it really is true. We pulled it off! By working solidly together the Riverlea family now has an unconditional agreement to buy our land. So thank you all for your support, donations and for having fun at our fundraisers.

A last ditch effort was successful in convincing HCC to take $110,000 off the original price, and with the support of our major funders we can now purchase the land and have money left over to cover our operating and maintenance costs for the next year. Raising the funds for the land meant a sizeable hole being dug into our operating costs, but now we are here to fight another day.

The best thing is we are independent of any future decisions by subsequent councils and can move forward with a great community asset.

I would like to thank everyone individually who helped Riverlea in so many ways but the list is just too long. You all know who you are and the Board sends a huge vote of thanks to you all.

We are planning “a bit of a do” which of course you will all be invited to, so watch this space.

Meanwhile there are some great shows coming up so come along and enjoy them - www.iticket.co.nz for bookings and information about the shows.

Remember Telethons? - “Thank you very much for your kind donations” - and so much more!

With my very best wishes, Lois Livingston